Exercise every day? Many people have been caught in the seven misunderstandings about fitness exercise

A lot of people like to keep fit. They sweat in the gym and watch the muscles slowly appear and their body fat is reduced. This is a matter of great achievement. But there are many misunderstandings about fitness, some wrong views may cause damage to the body, affect their fitness goals. For these misunderstandings, we should distinguish them so that they can exercise more scientifically and effectively.

What are some misunderstandings about fitness?

1. Muscle pain shows that exercise works


Intense exercise can damage muscle fibers, which can lead to muscle soreness. It’s not a matter of measuring the effect of muscle exercise. If the pain lasts more than three days, it may indicate that the muscle has been more seriously damaged and needs to be restored.


2. Exercise every day

3. High intensity exercise is better than low intensity exercise


High intensity exercise works well, but low intensity exercise is also a good choice. There’s nothing wrong with challenging high-intensity exercise, but it can lead to problems if you don’t exercise in the right way and don’t have time to recover. It’s best to start with low intensity exercise. Once the body has adapted to these activities, try high intensity exercise.


4. Morning is the best time to exercise


Although there are many benefits to exercising in the morning, it is not always important to choose when to exercise during the day. Whether you are in the morning or in the evening, as long as you arrange the right time, choose the same time of the day can form the habit of exercise. Don’t exercise before going to bed at night, because it will affect your sleep.


5. Good effect of fasting exercise


Aerobic exercise on an empty stomach is not good. The body gets energy from food, and exercise also needs energy. If you feel hungry during exercise, the quality of exercise will be reduced and there will be no energy for vigorous aerobic exercise. In order to get good exercise effect, the exerciser should eat before exercise and choose the food containing complex carbohydrate and protein.

6. Effective exercise takes a long time


Exercise doesn’t take a long time and doesn’t mean you need to spend hours in the gym every day. There is a simpler way to save time, which is high intensity interval training, which can be effective in 15 minutes a day. If you are not suitable for high-intensity interval training, you can choose other sports to find the most suitable choice between intensity and time.


7. You need to drink sports drinks when you exercise


Sports drinks are effective in improving exercise. Sports drinks can replenish water and electrolytes lost by the body. But if you want to lose weight, sports drinks are not a good choice. Sports drinks are high in sugar and calories, which can increase calorie intake.


Fitness people will generally understand and learn the knowledge of fitness. Unfortunately, not all views are accurate. Some misunderstandings about fitness are totally wrong, while others seem logical on the surface, but they are also incorrect. Understanding some scientific knowledge about fitness is helpful to get rid of these misunderstandings.