Five directions for beginners to fitness

Five directions for beginners to fitness

1. Keep fit over any method or principle

The first section of the beginner’s guide is about persistence, the unchanging truth of fitness.
It’s not just fitness that requires persistence, it’s all aspects of life.
Keeping fit is better than any other method and principle. There is a saying in the fitness world that “no matter what kind of fitness method, you can get a good figure through persistent training.”
Let alone method science?

So before you start working out, ask yourself, “Are you really ready to keep working out?”

“Should I suffer for my low self-esteem?”

“Are you really determined to reinvent yourself?”

“Can it really stick?
One month, one year, five years, ten years.”

“Can fitness really be considered a hobby, a habit, or even a career?”

The effect of fitness is accumulated in this regular exercise, but also gain more confidence.

Confidence is built up by doing one thing at a time. How many things did you accomplish independently when you were growing up?
Not only does working out give you a flattering body image, but it also allows your confidence to radiate from within.

Two, clear fitness purpose, master the correct method

Clear fitness purpose, master the correct method.Everyone works out for a certain purpose, or gain muscle or lose weight, or shape the body, different purposes, the method is also different.

1. For the purpose of strengthening muscles, it is necessary to stimulate the muscles. In order to adapt to the strong pressure brought by this training, the body will improve its strength through the growth of muscles to adapt to it, so muscle strengthening training requires heavy muscle training.

Generally 8-12RM exercises are most effective for muscle growth.RM is the maximum number of times you can do a set of exercises at a given weight.

2. For the purpose of reducing fat, if you need to use up fat, you need to do aerobic exercises of small weight and many times, such as running, jumping rope, sit-ups, combined with dumbbell training of many times at the same time. Generally, each movement is more than 50 times, and the effect of aerobic exercise over 40 minutes is the best.

3. For the purpose of shaping body and building muscle line, 15-20RM strength training is required, which has the best effect.

Start your own home gym, which also helps you gain muscle

Start your own home gym to gain muscle, too.

Nowadays, social work pressure, fast pace of life, fitness seems to be a luxury exercise, especially for 9-to-5 office workers.In this way, home fitness has gradually become a trend, to meet people’s fitness needs, set up their own home gym, can also gain muscle.With the right approach and consistent training, two years of fitness is enough to give you a good body.

Dumbbell – universal equipment, has been popular with fitness enthusiasts, it can complete all parts of the body exercise requirements and motion, and dumbbell is free equipment, relative to most of the fixation devices and integrated devices, it can arouse the body in the process of exercise most muscle groups involved in sports, make the body’s muscles appear more harmonious and full.Even the training of professional bodybuilders is based on dumbbells.

So, to start your own home gym, all you need is a pair of weights and a dumbbell bench to meet your workout needs.For home gyms you can also consider having a pair of fitness gloves, barbells, pull-up levers, or an integrated trainer.

When is the best time to work out?

When is the best time to work out?
Always work out at your best.

Choose fitness, that is, choose a positive lifestyle, an optimistic state of mind and regular work and rest time, so that you have the best state to go to the gym, this is undoubtedly the best effect, will let your fitness with twice the result.

A regular routine time is crucial for fitness, don’t go fitness, dragging a tired body fitness is meaningless and even counterproductive, in order to ensure the state when the fitness, can take a nap before exercise, drink some carbonated drinks, every day the necessary nap time, regular meals, time don’t stay up late.

According to the physiological condition of human body, you can choose to exercise at 9 to 10 in the morning, 4 to 5 in the afternoon, and 7 to 8 in the evening. For office workers who work from 9 to 5 in the morning, evening is a more suitable fitness choice.

Five, the initial fitness to master the fitness movement

In the initial stage of fitness, it is mainly to master fitness movements, and fitness cannot be achieved without training movements. The main tasks for beginners in the initial stage of fitness are as follows:

1. Understand and master the relevant movements of exercising various parts of the body.

2, master the movement of the standard, in the fitness to do not fake light.

3. Feel the force generating process of the target muscle, that is, which muscle to exercise and which muscle to pay attention to, which is the “concentration principle”.

Here is an introduction to the relevant parts of the novice must master the fitness movements:

Chest, dumbbell bench press (plank, upslope, downslope), dumbbell bird (plank, upslope, downslope), push-ups.

Shoulder, dumbbell push, dumbbell front flat push, dumbbell side flat lift, dumbbell bird.

Back, dumbbell row, dumbbell single-arm row, pull-up

Waist, dumbbell straight leg hard, the goat up.

Leg, dumbbell squat, dumbbell lunge squat, dumbbell lift rub.

Arm, dumbbell bending, bending arm extension.

In the process of movement training, the accuracy of movement should be ensured to prevent irregular development of muscles, while fully experiencing the process of generating power of target muscles, which is conducive to the deep stimulation of muscles and the supplement of nutrients.


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