Muscle Loss, Joints And Bones – How Does It Happen?

Muscle Loss, Joints And Bones – How Does It Happen?

Many times this is a combination where all three of them can develop over time, and we wonder why. Is it because of aging or are there other things at play? Yes, there could be several reasons for this but our modern lifestyle should get first priority being looked at.

Each of the joints in the human body has synovial fluid. This fluid is a form of thick liquid that lubricates the joints and allows for ease and painless movements. As our body ages, such commodities as synovial fluid and many minerals are no longer supplied by the body in right quantities. Although there is another reason for this, and that is the diet we choose. Muscle loss comes to the extreme when people start to stoop over as they walk. Another symptom, we become less balanced and weaker when muscle loss occurs. As we age this becomes a natural process from the body unless supported through the right diet and exercise. On average, we have a 30 percent muscles loss from the age of 50 onwards.

Bone Density

Osteopenia is a fancy name for decreased bone density, but not to the extreme of osteoporosis. Many times prescription drugs being recommended, such as fosamax, boniva, evista, actonel, forteo, reclast, protelos is a bisphosphonate which is a common ingredient used in laundry detergent, fertilizers and industrial lubricants. Researchers have found that such medicines can make bones more fragile, actually increase the risk of fractures. People believe drugs are bone builders but evidence shows they are making bones more brittle. Osteoporosis and osteopenia is not a disease but rather where the body is trying to correct an imbalance. This is preventable without taking drugs.

Mineral Deficiency

There is no question about it, calcium plays an important role in bone health. Because we hear a lot about calcium we assume that’s all we need, but calcium on its own would have little effect to solve the problem. What is often overlooked, we need many minerals to solve any of these issues. Experts agree that adequate calcium throughout life as well as other minerals and a balanced diet may lower the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis or even reverse it. Calcium is not the only nutrient you need for bone formation. Besides calcium you need phosphorus as well as magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, vitamin D, etc.

Avoid bone supplements until you get the facts first. Taking a calcium or multi- vitamin is not the magic wand for bone health; many people have been lead to believe it is. Taking the supplements you typically find in stores or supermarkets are of little benefit, if any. Most of these supplements are not complete and made from synthetic materials and not from natural ingredients which are the type of minerals the body needs. A healthy diet is more important before taking any supplements; only than, having that combination will give the best result.

Some foods better be excluded such as the worst offenders, sugar and alcohol; these are extremely acidic and inflammatory. A variety of diet is best chosen of the rainbow yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, carrots, cantaloupe and apricots. Add to this non fat dairy foods, organic fresh milk, cheese, Greek yogurt, kiwi fruit, red peppers, and oranges. Best to make your own juice from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Combat Muscle Loss

What can we do to age related muscle loss, what is the answer to this? Should we go to a gym pumping heavy weights and have a weightlifting work out to build muscles? No, we don’t have to go to that extreme; you can increase your lean muscles through stretching. Doing this every day in the shower is a good start without painful weights; as well do some push ups several times during the week. There are different stretches for arms, legs and shoulders.

Regular exercises will strengthen your body, your joints, tendons and ligaments. Over time your body will get stronger, this also means there is less likely an injury or fractures because of this extra strength. With any exercise is best to start gentle at first. By going for daily walks has more benefits than most people realise. It not only strengthens your body, helps blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and many more. These are many exercises to do without any expensive workout equipment and as well, being out in fresh air.

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