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How to Workout With Just a Weight Bench

If you think you need a pill to get into shape, think again. Since diet pills may vary in their effectiveness and may be unsafe for use. You can be fit with a consistent set of exercises on a weight bench. With the aid of the force of gravity, you can strengthen your core muscle groups. Here are five tips for workout with a weight bench:

1. Use milk jugs to replicate free weights if you do not have one. Work your biceps and triceps on your weight bench with plastic milk jugs which are emptied of milk and filled with water. Experiment with a different kind of liquid has a different result.

2. Sit upright on the end of your weight bench with your legs together so that your feet are flat on the floor. Keep a jug or free weight in each hand and let your arms hang limp at your sides. Start with the right hand, bring the milk jug on your chest, bend your arm at the elbow. Lower your arm slowly to the starting position. Repeat with your left arm. Count one repetition. Repeat this process until you complete 12-15 repetitions. Finish a set. Complete three sets of arm curls before moving to the next exercise.

3. Strengthen your triceps by lying with your back flat on the bench. Pull up your knees so your feet are flat on the end of the bench. Grab a milk jug in each hand and hold them near your ears. With elbows bent, straighten your arms so that the milk jugs directly extend above your shoulders. Pull them slowly close to your ears. Count one repetition. Repeat this step until you complete 12-15 repetitions. Finish a set. Complete three sets of this before moving on to the next exercise.

4. Strengthen your legs by performing dumbbell lunges. Grab a milk jug or free weight in each hand. Place your left leg on the couch while bending and your knee directly above your left ankle. Step up, leaving all your weight on your left foot. Slowly return your right leg back to the floor. Repeat 12-15 times, then switch legs so that your right foot is up on the bench and perform 12-15 right leg lunges. Finish a set. Complete three sets of lunges before moving on to the next exercise.

5. Strengthen your abdominal muscles by performing flat leg crunches on your weight bench. Sit on the bench so that your legs extend over the end of the bench. Grasp the sides of the weight bench with your hands on the bench and just above your hips. Lean back so that your elbows rest on the couch. Push with your hands while pulling up your knees to your face. Make sure you feel the tension in your abdominal muscles. Perform 12-15 reps and add a set. Complete at least three sets.

Some helpful tips for optimal results.

• Try to do at least three times a week
• After strength training, every day, have a day of rest or work out different muscle groups on consecutive days.
• The training should not last longer than one hour.
• Make sure you have enough energy for the workout.
• Fill your power after the strength training and get enough protein to allow your muscles recover.
• Do not rest more than a minute between sets.


Muscle Imbalances Revealed 3.0 Review

Muscle Imbalances Revealed 3.0 made by Rick Kaselj is the new program that talks about muscle imbalance exercises for the lower part of the body. This is a new system for those who wish to fix muscle imbalances without having to get out of the house to go to they gym.

This program also discusses easy and simple exercises to increase the speed of recovering from injuries, and tips to prevent injuries from occurring while exercising.

Additionally, this system is made by Rick Kaselj, a well-known, world-renowned exercise and injury specialist, and international fitness presenter who has spent more than twenty years in this fitness industry.

Since Rick Kaselj launched this system, many have used it to discover the best way to address their muscular imbalances problems in either their shoulders and lower bodies. Accordingly, Tianna Davis has performed a full review of this program that uncovers whether this system is worth purchasing.

Inside this program, members will get an outline of key information about muscle imbalances, assessment recommendations, and exercises to improve flexibility, strength and cardio endurance. Additionally, when entering this program, Rick Kaselj gives a full series of instruction books and videos like:

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The “Fascia, Exercise & Muscle Imbalances 3.0 – Lower Body” book and video

The “Addressing Imbalances In The Shoulder” book and video

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The “Maximizing Strength & Stability Of The Knee” book and video

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and several others.

This PDF has proven that it can provide members with faster results, increase the speed of injury recovery and stop injuries by moving your clients from imbalanced to balanced. This program consists of an outline of important information about images explaining muscle imbalances, muscle imbalances, videos of exercises and recommendations of assessment. With Muscle Imbalances Revealed 3.0 Free Download you’ll be able to watch the video presentation using the internet or download it onto your PC or laptop for viewing at another time.

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Choose The Right Muscle Building Foods To Complement Your Workouts

You’ll have to spend hours in the gym to build muscles, and you have to eat the right muscle building foods, too. Your muscle mass is growing, that’s why you need more calories and nourishment. You need to feed yourself well, too to sustain your changing levels of activity. If you’re planning to make muscle building a lifestyle, consult a health professional, dietitian or fitness trainer first to avoid complications. Now, what muscle building foods should you eat to build lean muscles?

Add more protein to your diet. What’s the rule of thumb for eating protein for muscle building? Calculate by starting with your body weight. Eat 1 to 1.5 in grams of protein basing on your body weight in pounds. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you’ll need to eat 150- 225 grams of protein every day. If you’re a full time bodybuilder, you can eat 2- 3 times of your body weight of protein in grams. That would be overkill for most people. What about if you’re overweight? Use your ideal body weight to calculate your protein intake. What are ideal muscle building protein foods?


  • Red meat (lamb, pork, beef, bison, venison, etc.)
  • Fish (trout, salmon, bass, swordfish, mackerel, etc.)
  • Poultry breast (turkey, chicken, duck, etc.)
  • Eggs, particularly egg whites because the yolk is high in cholesterol. But you can take one or two egg yolks a day.
  • Dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.)


Learn how complete protein is different from incomplete protein. You need to eat more complete proteins if you want to build muscles. Complete proteins are found in fish, meat, eggs, milk, cheese and other animal products. Basically, you’ll know that it is a source of complete protein if it is a product of something that bleeds or breathes. You can still be a vegetarian muscle builder anyhow because there are non-animal sources of complete proteins as well. Some vegetarian complete proteins are:


  • Legumes or beans with rice
  • Quinoa
  • Soy
  • Chia
  • Hempseed
  • Buckwheat


Eat foods that score high in Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid. How the body digests different proteins according to the solubility of the amino acids found in the protein is measured by the PDCAAS. It refers to the grading of the protein with 1 as the highest score, while the lowest score is 0. Here is a list of PDCAAS of common proteins:


  • 0.4 for whole wheat
  • 0.5 for cereals and derivatives
  • 0.7 for vegetables, chickpeas, black beans, fruits and other legumes
  • 0.9 for beef and soybeans
  • 1.00 for casein, whey, egg white and soy protein


Include carbohydrate-rich foods in your diet for energy. Your body needs to tap into the energy stores in your muscles when you’re working out, and you need carbohydrates to do this. Otherwise, your muscles will break because you don’t have enough energy reserve. If you’re serious in muscle building, your diet should contain 40% to 60% of carbohydrates which is equal to 1500 calories every day. Choose carbs that have low glycemic index, such as:


  • Sweet potato
  • Quinoa
  • Brown Basmati Rice
  • Rolled oats
  • Wholemeal spaghetti
  • Wholemeal rye bread


These are some tips about what to eat for your muscle building diet. With the right muscle building foods and routine, you can build lean muscles and look buff, fit and healthy for your active lifestyle.

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Facts About How To Lose Fat And Build Muscle – 7 Effective Tips For Your Diet And Workout

How do you lose fat and gain muscle? It’s a contradiction, actually because a lot of people think that in order to gain muscle mass, you have to gain some fat, too. This is not applicable for most people. Unrealistic expectations of building more muscles lead many muscle building enthusiasts to believe that they cannot gain muscles and lose fat at the same time.

Facts about gaining muscles state that mature adults normally gain 15 pounds of muscle at most every year. However, many people tend to gain only 5 pounds of muscle at the same time duration. This is equivalent to only 1.25 pounds of muscle gained every month while maintaining the same amount of body fat. To gain more muscles, you have to add more calories in your diet. Take in 100 more calories each day so that in one month, you have an additional 3125 calories per month.

What about losing fat? You can lose fat faster than gain muscle. That is, in order to lose fat, you have to reduce your calorie intake per day while increasing your calories output. For an average person to lose weight, he or she should take in 400 calories lesser per day than they normally do. That totals to a reduction of 12,000 calories intake per month. It results to 1 pound lost per week which again totals to 52 pounds lost in one year.

Considering this equation, you’ll realize that the calories increase you need to gain muscle is relatively very small compared to the calories reduction that you need to lose fat. Now, how is it to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? It basically means that you have to eat more and eat less altogether. To get this straight, you have to first get rid of a particular muscle gaining myth, and that is the myth that you need to eat more so that you’ll gain more muscles.

To get a better scenario about this endeavor, take a look at what your body does to the calories that it consumes. Twenty-five percent of your energy intake goes to your brain while 50% of the calories your body consumes goes to the activities that keeps you alive, such as breathing, regulating body temperature, pumping blood and replenishing dead cells. Another 20% of your body energy is allocated to your physical activities such as moving, walking and lifting. Surprisingly, only 5% of your energy is contributed to adding muscles. As you notice from this calculation, only a small amount of the calories you consume are distributed to exercise and building muscles.

Your body has 2 main requirements in order to keep you alive:


  • Carbs or fat for energy that you burn
  • Protein amino acids


If the food that you take in is scarce, your body comes to the rescue by way of its emergency back up system. If it deems that you are in dire emergency, your body activates this nuclear power plant that cannibalizes your muscles. You have to stop the activation of this nuclear reactor so that it doesn’t eat up your muscles. Here’s how you lose fat and gain muscle:


  1. Take 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight. That means eating 5 to 6 equal portions of protein consumed evenly throughout the day.
  2. Eat just enough calories to stop sending signals to your body that you are starving. Be wary of consuming too much calories or else you’ll gain fat. A good value for this plan is to eat 10% less of your energy consumption every day. In other words, 10% calorie reduction.
  3. Eat proper nutrition, make every calorie count. Skip eating processed foods. Add lots of fresh vegetables to your diet
  4. Make a 30% calorie reduction from fat. Eat good fats instead, such as from nuts, olives and avocadoes.
  5. Add more whole grains to your meals as well as low G.I. carbs. Skip consuming simple carbs from alcohol, sugar and white flour. Have a daily intake of omega 3’s from salmon and flax, among other food sources.
  6. Be consistent in doing hardcore exercises. Ask a fitness trainer to design an appropriate workout plan for you.
  7. Do 30- 40 minutes of cardio daily. Cardio helps in your endeavor to lose fat and build muscle.


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7 Top Muscle Building Nutrition Food Sources To Gain Muscle Mass

You can’t actually neglect muscle building nutrition in your muscle building program. But the thing is, many people avoid the topic of nutrition when it comes to building muscles. They think it’s complicated. It’s simply a matter of obtaining the right information because it is in fact easy to find the right muscle building nutrition foods to complement your workouts. What’s more, your nutrition can even make your muscle building program more successful. With muscle building nutrition sustaining your sufficiently, your workouts would be less tedious. That’s right. Eat more foods for building muscles and you can work out less. What are the top muscle building foods to help you gain strength and muscle mass?


  1. Lean beef. This ought to be a staple in your meals if you want to build muscles fast. Loaded with zinc, iron, B- vitamins and other nutrients that promote the growth of your muscles, you can’t skip lean beef in your nutrition. Other than that, it also provides high-quality nutrition for growing your muscular physique. Take note that not all proteins are equal, but proteins in lean beef contain high amounts of amino acids that work in tandem with insulin to boost muscle growth. If you’re trying to lose weight, lean beef is a valuable option for your nutrition, too. Eat 3 oz of lean beef and you’ll get the same amount of proteins found in 1.5 cups of beans. However, you’ll get half of the amount of calories.
  2. Skinless chicken. Chicken, like beef is a good source of high quality protein which is essential for the maintenance and repair of muscles. It also aids in bone health and weight loss. You can prepare delish meals as well because chicken is easy to cook and prepare. At the supermarket, you’ll find meat packaged in single serving sizes. You can season and cook it quickly.
  3. Cottage cheese. It’s a perfect nutrition to maintain the health of your muscles because it is an excellent source of pure casein protein. Casein, as a slow digesting protein can sustain your muscle health even if you go on long periods without eating.
  4. Eggs. Other than being a good source of high quality protein, eggs also contain the right kind of fat, nine essential amino acids and Vitamin D. It’s food that truly provides excellent value for your money. Contrary to what some studies have reported, eggs are not unsafe for your health.
  5. Whey protein. Supplements containing whey protein are the most popular in the fitness industry. They are a fast, convenient and affordable source of protein. Bodybuilders take whey protein supplements in the morning after waking up, as a post-workout supplement and as a supplement to mix with their meals. A scoop of whey protein in your muscle building shake is effective for gaining muscle mass. Then again, see to it that whole foods are your main source of high quality protein, augmented by whey protein supplements.
  6. Tuna and other fish. These foods are also rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Being low in fat and high in omega 3 fatty acids, fish also aid in fat loss and revs up your metabolism.
  7. Oatmeal. It’s low glycemic index (GI) value makes oatmeal an excellent source of carbohydrates. It’s also minimally processed as a muscle building nutrition food.


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What Are The Most Effective Fat Loss Supplements For Females Aged 20 to 39?

Although there is no magic pill for shedding off flabs for the fair sex, there are fat loss supplements for females to be combined with the proper diet and workout program. Other than that, you can make means to rev up your metabolism, too. Finding the right combination of fat loss supplements for females is like finding a support group for your fat loss agenda. What are some examples of these fat loss supplements? Here is a list of fat loss supplements for women who are aged 20- 39:


    • Whey protein– if you’re serious about losing fat, you definitely shouldn’t miss whey protein in your diet. You won’t be able to build muscles without protein because proteins are the building blocks of your muscle tissues. Whey protein, in particular, is easily absorbed by your body. It is ingested by your system faster than chicken and fish. What are the benefits of taking whey protein supplements? They’re convenient and easy to obtain. If you’re bothered by constant food cravings, whey protein supplements can fill you up. It’ll boost your strength as well. Your cardiovascular functions will be enhanced and it will optimize your immune system.
    • Multivitamins– it is a wise decision to invest in multivitamins to supplement your diet and exercise program. Taking multivitamins boosts the efficiency of your various bodily functions. You have to take a complete combination of multivitamins, or else a deficiency can have unlikely side effects in your body system mechanisms. The benefits of taking multivitamins include a faster metabolism for burning fat, a healthy functioning of your immune system and fortified tissues and bones. Your muscle building and repair processes take place more efficiently with the aid of multivitamins. In the same way, the daily maintenance of your body is better supported.
    • Casein– if you’re aiming for long-term muscle building, don’t skip taking casein. With this supplement, your muscles are in tiptop condition as you go about with your daily activities. Your post workout shake should contain whey protein, but if you’re looking for round-the-clock muscle repair even when you’re not training, then it’s casein you need. The benefits you’ll get from casein supplements are the ability of your body to fight catabolism, a longer duration of protein absorption and muscular repair and the development of lean muscle.
    • EFA’s– the acronym stands for essential fatty acids which your body cannot produce on its own. You therefore have to obtain EFA’s from food sources such as cold water fishes, flax seeds and salmon. Augment your diet with EFA supplements, and these would be helpful in various areas of your body health such as enhanced brain function, immune system and cardiovascular health. Your hormonal production and joint health are sufficiently supported. The fat burning metabolism of your body becomes more active and if you’re doing high-intensity workouts, your muscular recovery process occurs faster.
  • Fat burners– these supplements contain a variety of ingredients such as caffeine, green tea extracts, yohimbe and branched- chain amino acids. Fat burners are also potent fat-fighting substances because of their vitamins, minerals and herbal content. The benefits of taking fat burner supplements are boosted energy levels. It promotes the ability of your body to burn fat as fuel. Your mental sharpness works better and it curbs your appetite and cravings.


These are 5 of the most important fat loss supplements for females. Choose your best allies in your battle against the bulge with these very effective fat loss supplements for females aged 20- 39.

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3 Dynamic Fat Loss Workouts For Women To Build A Lean Physique

What is the best fat loss workout for women? The quickest way to burn fat and sport a lean and sexy physique is to regularly engage in a workout program of strength training combined with HIIT or high intensity interval training. This fat loss workout program has been a proven technique in melting fat and building lean muscles in the least amount of time. Other than burning calories and building fat-burning muscles, you’ll avoid the glitch of a weight loss plateau.

Getting into a fat loss workout regime for women doesn’t mean that you’ll develop a bulky and thick physique. You’ll be lifting heavy weights, yes, but the muscles you’ll build will burn calories even if you’re at rest. Your muscles become metabolically active and the more you have of it, the more fat you’ll melt. Muscles in general are dense and it may appear that you’re heavier on the scale, but don’t rely on the pounds you see. You’ll be surprised to look great in your skinny jeans.

Here is a list of strength training-high intensity interval training combos for your fat loss workout:


    • For this routine, you need to get a pair of 10-20 lbs. dumbbells and a piece of jumping rope. Do 1 set of exercise using the dumbbells and 1 set of exercise using the jumping rope. Perform the circuit again for 3 times, but you can do 1 full circuit if you don’t have enough time. Do this workout 3 times a week to obtain the best results. As you go along, make it more challenging, add more weight for each of this workouts. This is a good way to build a solid rock core and sexy arms and legs.
    • Single leg deadlift– pick up a pair of dumbbells using an overhand grip. Grab the dumbbells and hold them in front of your thighs. The dumbbells should be at arms’ length. Perform a standing position where your feet at hip-width distance. Slightly bend your knees. While keeping your knees bent, bend at your hips then sink your torso until it becomes parallel to the ground. The weight should be kept close to your body as possible. Halt and resume to a standing position. As you do this movement, keep your back naturally arched. Perform 8 repetitions of this workout at each side. This is a form of exercise that will define your glutes and hamstrings.
  • Split squat jumps– execute a lunge position while bending your knees. Your front knee should be stationed above your ankle. Put your arms at the back and lower down to perform a lunge. Jump off exclusively from the ground and exchange your feet while you’re jumping. When you land, softly resume to a lunge position while placing your other foot in front. Consistently switch your feet at a faster rate. Lift your chest and sway your arms in front while you jump. Perform 5 jumps of this routine on each side. This is an exercise that engages all the muscles of your body and at the same time blast calories.


These are 3 of the best fat loss workouts for women. You can learn more techniques by asking for tips from your fitness trainer. Doing a regular routine of the best fat loss for women builds your muscles and makes you burn more fat resulting to a lean and fit and healthy physique.

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How To Best Gain Muscles Fast

It is true that many people want to gain muscles and get stronger within the shortest time possible. People normally try different things that make them gain weight and build their muscles. For instance, there are those who engage in games and there are those who use synthetic drugs. However, these are not the best solutions. How you ever tried to think on how to gain muscles fast? You need to master the most effective ways of doing this. These include the following:

Be sure of the number of calories you need

One of the most important things to do when you want to grow your muscles is to ensure you feed well. However, you should not just feed on something without a proper plan. You have to remember that calories depend on the age of the individual. If you are mature for instance, you will need more calories than a young child. Moreover, it also depends on the weight you currently have. Heavy weight people need to feed on more calories than those who are lighter.

Exercise on a regular basis

When you decide to train, you must commit yourself to it. There are people who begin very well but somewhere along the way, they lose their psyche to train and therefore, they bring everything to a waste. If you want to continue stronger, you do not have a choice but to ensure you do it on a regular basis. The best way to achieve this goal is to draw a workout plan that will guide you on how to do it. On it, you have to indicate various exercises you intend to carry out. If you are a rookie, do not risk starting with heavy but first try the lighter exercises.

Alter your exercise routine

Altering your exercise routine is the best way of ensuring you engage different parts of the body. For instance, if you have been doing four different exercises in a day engaging three parts, you should change this to three or five exercises that involve three or four body parts. This alteration brings the best effect in the body. For instance, on our routine, if you have indicated biceps and back on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you should try to reverse this after a certain period of time. As far as you adhere to these changes, you will be one of the most successful trainees.

Do partial lifts

If you have more than one set of weights to lift, it is needless to do everything at once. You have to know that best way to build muscle mass is through lifting at least two thirds in the initial set, a third in the second and another two third in the last set. This will help you vary the strength that you apply on your body muscles and therefore, you will be able to gain faster. Alternatively, you can vary them in an ascending or descending order depending on your choice.

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Muscle Loss, Joints And Bones – How Does It Happen?

Many times this is a combination where all three of them can develop over time, and we wonder why. Is it because of aging or are there other things at play? Yes, there could be several reasons for this but our modern lifestyle should get first priority being looked at.

Each of the joints in the human body has synovial fluid. This fluid is a form of thick liquid that lubricates the joints and allows for ease and painless movements. As our body ages, such commodities as synovial fluid and many minerals are no longer supplied by the body in right quantities. Although there is another reason for this, and that is the diet we choose. Muscle loss comes to the extreme when people start to stoop over as they walk. Another symptom, we become less balanced and weaker when muscle loss occurs. As we age this becomes a natural process from the body unless supported through the right diet and exercise. On average, we have a 30 percent muscles loss from the age of 50 onwards.

Bone Density

Osteopenia is a fancy name for decreased bone density, but not to the extreme of osteoporosis. Many times prescription drugs being recommended, such as fosamax, boniva, evista, actonel, forteo, reclast, protelos is a bisphosphonate which is a common ingredient used in laundry detergent, fertilizers and industrial lubricants. Researchers have found that such medicines can make bones more fragile, actually increase the risk of fractures. People believe drugs are bone builders but evidence shows they are making bones more brittle. Osteoporosis and osteopenia is not a disease but rather where the body is trying to correct an imbalance. This is preventable without taking drugs.

Mineral Deficiency

There is no question about it, calcium plays an important role in bone health. Because we hear a lot about calcium we assume that’s all we need, but calcium on its own would have little effect to solve the problem. What is often overlooked, we need many minerals to solve any of these issues. Experts agree that adequate calcium throughout life as well as other minerals and a balanced diet may lower the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis or even reverse it. Calcium is not the only nutrient you need for bone formation. Besides calcium you need phosphorus as well as magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, vitamin D, etc.

Avoid bone supplements until you get the facts first. Taking a calcium or multi- vitamin is not the magic wand for bone health; many people have been lead to believe it is. Taking the supplements you typically find in stores or supermarkets are of little benefit, if any. Most of these supplements are not complete and made from synthetic materials and not from natural ingredients which are the type of minerals the body needs. A healthy diet is more important before taking any supplements; only than, having that combination will give the best result.

Some foods better be excluded such as the worst offenders, sugar and alcohol; these are extremely acidic and inflammatory. A variety of diet is best chosen of the rainbow yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, carrots, cantaloupe and apricots. Add to this non fat dairy foods, organic fresh milk, cheese, Greek yogurt, kiwi fruit, red peppers, and oranges. Best to make your own juice from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Combat Muscle Loss

What can we do to age related muscle loss, what is the answer to this? Should we go to a gym pumping heavy weights and have a weightlifting work out to build muscles? No, we don’t have to go to that extreme; you can increase your lean muscles through stretching. Doing this every day in the shower is a good start without painful weights; as well do some push ups several times during the week. There are different stretches for arms, legs and shoulders.

Regular exercises will strengthen your body, your joints, tendons and ligaments. Over time your body will get stronger, this also means there is less likely an injury or fractures because of this extra strength. With any exercise is best to start gentle at first. By going for daily walks has more benefits than most people realise. It not only strengthens your body, helps blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and many more. These are many exercises to do without any expensive workout equipment and as well, being out in fresh air.

My name is Josef Bichler I have a passion for wellness and showing others how to live healthy lives. I have corrected my own health problems with the use of alternatives only. I have helped many others achieve their health objectives by exposing unhealthy or wrong food choices for certain health issues to make people aware and understand the benefits of eating healthy that help individual problems such as how to prevent bone loss as the body ages. For more ongoing health information subscribe to my free weekly newsletters, this also gives you the opportunity for comments, suggestions and questions you may have, as well download my free e-book to help making better food choices: []


Important Things To Know About Arm Training

Arm training is recommended as part of full body training. You cannot fully exercise your body without involving the triceps and the biceps muscles. Many people however, do not have much information about arm training. There are various tricks that every person needs to adhere to in order to be on the safer side. If you want to achieve effective Arm Strength Training, simply try the following:

Try a variety of exercises

All those who want a full arm strength training must learn to involve a variety of exercises during their training time. There are people who have only mastered one set of exercise and this therefore becomes monotonous for them. You have to learn them in case you have no clue. For instance, you can look for a trainer and get to learn the various exercises that are recommended for both the starters and those who are already pros. This will help you become stronger.

Eat well

Some people might confuse this term with taking excess calories. You have to maintain the normal calorie intake but ensure you take a balanced diet. For instance, make sure you include a carbohydrate, a protein and vitamins in your diet. As you eat your food, remember that you also have to take in a lot of water to help you maintain good metabolic processes in the body. Moreover, you do not have to forget about mineral salts such as calcium and fibers to boost your digestion. These will help you grow stronger biceps and triceps muscles. Moreover, it is important to make sure you eat at regular intervals. Do not restrict yourself so much to taking inadequate meals because this will only make you lose the strength of your arm muscles.

Make sure you rest

Achieving the best results does not necessarily mean that you have to exercise the entire day. This will only make you lose energy and you will not therefore be able to do the next set of exercises. For instance, you need to draw a good training schedule which can effectively guide you on what to do at each particular time. However, you do not have to spend the entire day on resting. Only ten to twenty minutes are enough.

Exercise at regular intervals

When it is a matter of how often you need to practise, the best thing to do is to make sure you create a working schedule that can guide you on what to do. You have to allocate adequate time to each set of exercises and ensure that there are breaks between them. If you stick to this, you will definitely have no problem. For instance, you can decide to exercise at every 5pm for one or two hours.

Create a good working schedule